PORvDCU 10/15/17

Okay Ridgy…. Have you invested in some double sided tape…. Maybe better socks? I only managed a few snaps of the man and his leggings. Epic win for our boys in green and gold. Keeping their eyes on the prize.  I leave you with a very happy captain…

PORvSEA 08/28/16

Soooooooooo, Oddly it was hotter than two rats humping In a wool sock on the the pitch today….and yes I faded faster than other photogs….anywho here are some beauties from tonight. As always Mr. Ridgy thank you for the sock adjustments and being an amazing Timbers Captain. Now for the Socks Adjustments…..  

PORvSEA 7/17/16

AMAZING!! Not only did the Timbers beat the Flounders…. Hands down the most unbelievable tifo. Captain my Captain… I still had to take shameless pictures of your sock adjustments. Hats off to you and the Timbers.           My favorite of the day… Sock Conference at the end of the game.    

Vs. Columbus 03/03/2016

Season Opening Winner!! Most excellent to be back on the pitch and watch the Timbers play. They proved they are still the best and smushed Columbus Crew. Here I am for season 2016 and keeping it weird .. Portland style, enjoy the photos below of the master of sock adjustments.  

VS. Dallas 11/22/15

Tonight was not only magically and amazing, I got to see leggings and a Ridgy Roll! Congrats on the goal Mr. Ridgewell, been waiting all season for that 🙂 Rest well your team will need you next Sunday.